Spring Vibes

Spring has sprung….at least in Arkansas! Seeing the gorgeous blooms and feeling the sunshine again always gets me excited for new designs. Much like spring cleaning, it feels good to bring in new trends to go along with the new season. So, I bring you some vibes I’m loving this spring:

Revamp your Wall

As I recently shared on Insta, I completely reworked my own art wall. Try infusing a new piece or two in with artwork you already own. This provides a fresh look without breaking the bank.

Art wall

Cleanse Your Home’s Palate

In other words: declutter and paint! Nothing will get you as excited about your space as a good old repaint. Try a white wall, and you will be amazed at how it makes the old new again. Also, go through your closets, cabinets, and things in general. Invite a friend over to go through it with you and repurpose or recycle what you don’t need. It is transformative.

Courtesy @3wirephotography

Pot Some Plants

Add some succulents or some greenery to your space, both indoor and outdoor. Plants are an impressive, yet inexpensive, way to breathe life into your decor.


Do something unique and unexpected with something you’re tired of. Paint a chair. Move that table that hasn’t moved in ten years. Add some wallpaper. I recently recovered my beloved great-grandmother’s chair, and it immediately made me happy. The effect was modern, yet timeless.

Mari chair

So, what spring projects do you want to tackle? Look around and find one that excites you, then get to painting, recovering, organizing, or whatever it is that gets your spring vibes going.






Trendy Resolutions

It’s almost New Year’s Day! You know what that means: Timelines and Insta-stories full of folks resolving to better themselves financially, physically, academically, etc. Always a fan of self-improvement and development, I say, “GO FOR IT.”

Jill White Designs looks forward to a lot of the new and a little of the old in 2018. Here are a few thoughts on the trends turning my head (some will be familiar):

Oxblood: As mentioned on Insta (below), “Love it or hate it, it’s everywhere and we’re jumping on the train & STUPID excited about it!” This trend is likely a throwback to art deco and all things European. Don’t be afraid to incorporate this bold trend. 


Ultra Violet: It’s the Pantone “color of the year,” after all! In a Stella-approved move, Pantone’s 18-3838 will be seen all over in 2018. According to Pantone, the hue is “A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” Be ready to see this color used in accent pieces everywhere. 

Ultra Violet
Photo courtesy Pinterest.

Nature-inspired Decor: Expect to continue seeing shades inspired by nature, from stone to earth to ocean, natural colors and elements will be found all over. Flora, raw wood, and leaves will be all over. As I mentioned in my last post, go outside and see what you can find. This is a budget-friendly trend that instantly updates your space. 

Natural Decor
Photo courtesy Pinterest.

Wallpaper and Prints Galore: Another recent Insta, 2017 saw tons of fun prints with an emphasis on interesting wallpaper. Almost nothing is off limits! Florals, abstracts, graphics, patterned….each adds its own element of fun, especially in smaller spaces. Stay tuned in 2018 to see what new prints JWD has in store! 


Black and White: Last, but never least, you don’t have to stray from the tried and true. Yeah, I’m going to say it: black and white. I mean, these basic elements are not going anywhere, and black and white is always a safe bet. Used as a foundation, the sky’s the limit as far as accompanying decor. 

JWD had an outstanding 2017, and I am excited to see what 2018 has in store! If you’ve resolved to finally do a home update you’ve been pondering for years or build your dream home, give me a call, and let’s make your dream a reality!



Eye for Design

I first met Dr. Jeff Holt when I sold him my old house. They moved back to their hometown, so Jeff could join his father’s optometry practice. They loved my interior so much they hired me to design their new (my former) home once they moved in!

Once settled, Dr. Holt was ready to reinvent the look of the clinic. He called me to help with Phase One, which was renovating their optical department. To learn more about Holt Eye Clinic, and to see additional views of the newly renovated optical department, visit their website (under “Eyewear Gallery”).

With Phase One completed, we moved to Phase Two, which consisted of the waiting area, beverage bar, public restrooms, and cataract waiting room. I love how the finished project proves commercial space can be bright and fun….and unexpected!

In my completely biased opinion, these are some of the best before and afters…. The waiting area was completely transformed from dark wood and mismatched furnishings:

To this:

As the main waiting area, we wanted people to instantly feel welcome and refreshed. Painting the walls and brick white opened the space. Keeping the trim a medium gray added a nice contrast to the walls and provided a more structured feel.

We kept the furniture light and modern as well. The couches and chairs are from Evo Business Environments, and the coffee table is from Jill White Designs. The carpet by J & J Flooring Group provided a little color, and the pattern added some movement to the design.

Okay, a crowning jewel of this reno has to be the letter stools in the main waiting area. I was inspired by similar seating I’d seen at market in 2015. I filed them away in the recesses of my brain and knew they’d be the perfect fit for Holt. (Don’t you agree?) They were designed by ME and perfectly built by Troy Turner with Turner Custom Millwork.

Holt_waiting w stools
“After” photos in this post courtesy @3wirephotography.

The “O” is an upholstered storage ottoman from Evo. It mimics the “O” in the Holt logo. The remaining letters are custom made woodwork. Making the stools even cooler, they are constructed of 110-year-old oak and cypress reclaimed from an old general store/post office in South Arkansas. They are finished with a clear satin poly.

We also redesigned the beverage/media area. Here is the space before:

Fun, right? I knew the area needed to be modernized and lighted up (in every sense). Here is the end result:

Yep, it’s the same space! The addition of the beverage bar helped add a little extra hospitality for patients. The use of aqua added a calming element. The cabinetry and countertops in the beverage bar and the restrooms are glossy white plastic laminate by Wilsonart. The beverage bar wall tiles are glossy white tiles made of PVC (another fun market find)! We added some greenery and some gold accents to make the space more inviting.

We also updated the cataract waiting area in the back of the clinic:

I love the addition of the lamps and the modern coffee table. The lamps and accent pillows are from Target, the tables from Jill White Designs, the sofa from Evo, and the white chairs from Wayfair Trade. The colorful abstract is by Lauren Meredith Art.

The restrooms also needed an overhaul, and I was happy to oblige. Here is the before and after of the ladies’ room:

We added simple but modern touches. How about that wallpaper, which is courtesy @eykondesign. (And “hello” from the mirror again!)

And now for the men’s room:

Incredible, right?

I loved working on this project, and Holt Eye Clinic was an amazing client. I love knowing their patients are enjoying a happy, open building! Don’t be afraid to approach commercial design with a fresh perspective. Adding unexpected textures, colors, and finishes can make all the difference in the completed project.