Thanksgiving Table Takeover

Design doesn’t have to be relegated to interiors, and Thanksgiving tables don’t have to be boring or predictable. In fact, I’d caution against the tired cornucopia centerpiece. Make this the turkey day you break free from using the same tired decor!

Here are a few ideas from Pinterest to spark your creativity!

TG Table_1
Credit: Pinterest

So, while pumpkins are hardly unexpected at Thanksgiving, think outside the grocery store box and grab some spray paint! I love how they added hues of gold, gray, blue, and black in different finishes to add interest to the palette. Though their arrangement appears haphazard, upon closer inspection the pumpkins are arranged by color and size. The farmhouse table simple place settings, and natural greenery tied with twine complete the look.

TG Table_2
Credit: Pinterest

Tablescapes aren’t limited to the obvious or the decorative. Use your dining space in a meaningful way. I love how this Pinterest user crafted a handwritten thankfulness list, allowing guests to ruminate on their blessings. This is an easy DIY the least crafty person can do, using only pen and paper.

TG Table_3
Credit: Pinterest

This one wins “most likely to have been designed by Jill White.” The black and white? The greenery? Those place settings? I love the use of nontraditional Thanksgiving colors; there’s no brown or orange in sight! The basic stemware and crisp, classic whites make for a fab, modern, yet inviting tablescape.

TG Table_4
Credit: Pinterest

Here’s another that could easily inspire my own work. While we have the classic white dinnerware, I love the addition of the natural charger, gold flatware, and black and white linens. The personal touch provided by the “thank you very much” reminder is also nice. The basic white antler and succulent terrarium as centerpieces add a fun, updated feel.

Lastly, being Thanksgiving and all, I want to thank you – my clients and readers – for your business and friendship. I truly couldn’t do what I love without you. For that, I am thankful for YOU! Enjoy a happy, safe holiday week.



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