She Designed a Life She Loved

Look no further than a designer’s own residence to determine if they may be a good fit for your home or commercial project. Sure, any formally trained designer worth their salt can work in any given genre, including me of course. But to learn who you are working with, start by checking out the space in which they choose to live.

I built my home from the ground up in 2014. Like always, I had definite ideas about what I wanted. I love the juxtaposition of the light, painted brick and the darker trim:

Surprising to nobody, planning the interior was a dream. I knew I wanted an open, airy space that could act as a blank canvas. I often think of my work as just that: a canvas waiting to be transformed. With white walls and trim throughout, I could start filling in the blanks with furnishings and art.

The main living space is among my favorite areas in the house, and it is where we truly live. Here are some examples:

The lighting is completely me in every way. If you’ve spent more than a hot minute on my Insta, you know I’m all about the black and white. My wall and trim color is Restoration Hardware Right White. It was all over when I saw this fixture from @straydogdesigns. I also chose relatively neutral tones for most of the furniture in this area, which is from @demaderatradingco and @dwellstudio with pillows from @anthropologie and @willaskyehome.

All of this black and white provides the perfect backdrop for fantastic artwork. This area of my home includes work by my daughter, Stella; @dotdesignRBO; @haddenspotts_art_by_hadden; and @violethilldesign.

The main living areas above are open to the dining area, kitchen, and entryway as well:

The island counter top is made of quartz. The perimeter counter top is leathered and is Absolute Black granite. We love that we have tons of storage without looking like we have tons of storage in the kitchen. There are always many ways to keep a kitchen beautiful while optimizing its functionality.

There, just across from the dining room, is my home office:This, friends, is where the magic happens. (And sometimes “magic” means My Little Pony coloring books.) I love being surrounded by light and by things I love, so I made sure to have lots of both in my work space. And on the subject of ponies, my precious daughter’s room was SO MUCH FUN (and continues to be as she grows):

All photos in this post courtesy @ml.baxley

That light fixture look familiar (in the mirror)? Yep, it is a mini version of the larger one in my living area. Hey, if you like something, you like it. I made sure to give Stella plenty of place space and lots of fun color to match her colorful personality.

Though the tour could continue, I will leave you with the unexpected: closet space. Yep, functional, utilitarian closet space.

Okay, so maybe not so much functional as fun on the left. My daughter’s closet includes a playhouse with extra storage and a cool bookshelf. She loves bringing her friends to her indoor loft. Our closet, on the right, is spacious and functional, with built-in storage to minimize the furniture needed in the bedroom.

I could do this all day, but you get the idea (and this won’t be the last you see of my personal home on here). Until next time!



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